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* Maximize the value of your assets
* Guarantee the results you're looking for!

Regardless of the size of your business, we
provide powerful plans designed especially
for you with prices that fit any store budget.
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Store Closing & Liquidation Strategies to Help You Prosper Even During Challenging Economic Times!
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"Our sale was a huge success and we are financially much better off than we would have been had we run the sale ourselves.”
– Sharon Ritzman & Michelle Spidell  
    Stepping Out, Ltd.

“The results were far above our expectations.  After 60 years in business we came to a good conclusion."
– Anna Teeter    Teeter’s of NM

“Customers never stopped coming.  We never could have sold our business to an individual and received the same return.”
-- Dolly & Stuart Nelson     Quist’s II
POWER Retailing’s Solutions

Since 1984, we have provided cutting-edge liquidation and cash flow strategies to thousands of retailers across the United States and Canada.

Whether you're planning to close your retail business, retire, or liquidate unwanted inventory, we offer two affordable, time-tested options to quickly and safely recover up to 100% - 160% the cost of your inventory...

1) Store Closing Tool Kit: Expert coaching and sales support, powerful advertising layouts, proven ads and special customer invitation formats, extensive collection of custom signs, banners and unique store displays, easy-to-use pricing charts, step-by-step sales manual, and much more!

2) On-Site Implementation & Installation: In-store organization, expert coaching and sales support, powerful advertising layouts, proven ads and special customer invitation formats, extensive collection of custom signs, banners and unique store displays, marketing manual, and much more!

To help you succeed, you'll have all the tools with one-on-one, personalized coaching using the most prosperous, exclusive, accelerated inventory liquidation strategy ever devised!

But that’s not all!  We’ve teamed up with the most reputable, well-known debt management services that can settle business debt for pennies on the dollar.
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Proven Advertising Tools and Marketing Techniques to Reduce Costs and Headaches!
In the U.S.A. and Canada, small and large retailers use POWER Retailing for Store Closing and Retail Liquidation Sales. We'll help you plan, set up and launch a strategic marketing plan to fit your store's size, image, products, customers, location and much more.

No Large Up-Front Fee! More profitable than anything you’ve done before, POWER Retailing has been built for excellent results that retailers want.

We provide the products, services, and solutions to double and triple your sales and get the biggest payback from your stock. It's the ultimate system to sell your store quickly and safely, and turn inventory, fixtures, and equipment into cash.

It’s All About Getting Results! There are probably thousands of dollars worth of hidden assets in your business that you haven't even thought about. We’ll help you sell your inventory without sacrificing it and recover up to 100 - 150% the cost of your inventory.
If your business is at a crossroads, we can help you make a successful switch in your life. Are your cash flow slow and sales declining?  Is your business not making a profit?  Are you working more and enjoying it less?  To get answers that put you in control, e-mail